How are the upcycled bottle platters and dishes made? 

Upcycled Bottle Art: How are products are made

It is not only fun to reuse beer and wine bottles (once emptied) instead of just putting them into the recycle bin, it also feels good to give them a novel purpose.

While we've been working with art glass in our Spallek Glass Art Studio, we've been on the lookout to use more recycled materials. Thinking about glass bottles came almost naturally!

So, this is our process:
First, empty bottles are collected from neighbourhood restaurants, thoroughly washed and all sticky labels and residues are removed. Next, we treat the bottle surface to prevent devitrification or clouding of the glass under high heat. The reshaping process takes place in a kiln, where the bottles are either placed on a flat board or into special moulds.

The melting process takes about 14-16 hours and consists of six phases of controlled heating (up to 1450 degree Fahrenheit / 750 degree Celsius) and cooling to ensure that the integrity of the glass is kept. Our kiln is powered by solar panels and a solar-charged battery system (Tesla Powerwall2). 


Will my dish look exactly like shown in the prodcut pictures? 

Wine bottles come in different shapes Wine bottles come in different colours Wine bottles come in different sizes

Have you noticed?
Although overall very similar, bottles differ slightly in shape, colour shade and size. 

When you place your order, you'll be choosing the style (or form) and colour of your upcycled dish. 
To give an example, here are a few different styles within our deep dish collection, all shown in "clear / blue tint": 
The product you'll receive will, obviously, be of the style and colour you selected.

However, as mentioned above, bottles differ slightly in shape, colour shade and size. 

In addition, due to the properties of glass, each bottle melts and flattens a little different and the glass itself may feature slight inconsistencies. Due to these variations, the product you'll receive may not be 100% identical to the ones shown in the product page photographs. 

The picture below demonstrates possible variations of products of the same colour and style depending on a slightly different bottle shape:

Variations due to different bottle shape

How do I best care for my upcycled bottle dish?

Caring for your bottle dish is easy!
You can wash them by hand or put them in your dishwasher. Don't be afraid to handle them, they are fairly sturdy!


When can I expect my shipment?

Items listed on this site are ready to ship, and orders will be processed within 1 - 2 business days. Due to the nature of the production process, custom orders will take up to two weeks to be completed. 

All other aspects of handling and shipping are described here.


Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, we do! Gift cards valued from $25 and up are available here.


Do you offer custom orders or customisations?


If you have have a memorable glass bottle with an etched-in design that you would like to turn into a piece of usable art, please click here.

We can also personalise our flat wine bottle cheese boards and platters with lettering or a small drawing of your choosing. Either will be hand-painted on a flattened bottle before undergoing a second firing in the kiln. Click here for details.


Do you offer wholesale or reduced pricing on bulk orders?

Yes. Our upcycled wine bottle dishes are a perfect gift as wedding favours, for the holidays or any special occasion. We offer a discounted rate for bulk orders as well as gift packaging. Contact us for details!

If you are interested in becoming a stockist, check out our wholesale page and fill out the wholesale application form at the bottom of that page.


What stores sell Upcycled Bottle Art products?

Check out our stockists here