reused and recycled wine bottle

Lovers of fine wine and cheese, rejoice!

We at Upcycled Bottle Art create one-of-a-kind, multifunctional platters and cheese boards by flattening and reshaping wine bottles. The versatile dishes can be used to serve cheese & olives, dips & chips, nuts & fruits, candies, sushi - you name it! In a cook's or foodie's kitchen, they are also used as a spoon rest. 

Upycled Bottle Art products are the perfect gift or a "little something" for any foodie or wine-lover; a bride and groom, hostess, colleague or as a housewarming present. They are true conversation pieces and offer many talking points every time they are used; during a dinner party, family gathering, wine night with friends or while watching a game.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.Upcycled Bottle Art is created in a kiln which runs on solar energy and a Tesla Powerwall Battery SystemProudly made in Australia.

The ultimate eco product you can feel good about

We cooperate with and support local businesses by collecting empty wine, beer and liquor bottles from our favorite neighbourhood restaurants and bars. 

The recycled bottles are reshaped in a kiln and crafted into platters and dishes. Our studio and kiln are powered by solar cells in combination with a solar-fed Tesla Powerwall battery system. In addition, we take great care in using recycled and/or recyclable materials for our packaging and choose a carbon-neutral shipping partner whenever possible.

Proudly made in Sydney, Australia

Made in Sydney, Australia

Upcycled Bottle Art is a by-product from the glass art studio of Gisela Spallek who began to  use kiln "down-time" to melt and reshape bottles about 6 years ago.

In her art practice, Gisela is working with stained and fused glass, designing and creating colourful jewellery and home decor under her brand A Fiery Heart.